Our Approach

Our clients and candidates tell us that we offer a uniquely refreshing approach to search:
  • Virtually all prospective candidates respond to our initial contact, because we do our homework first: when approaching a candidate we refer to a trusted mutual colleague or communicate the potential relevance of their specific experience to the opportunity. Search is not a numbers game, it's a relationship process.
  • We conduct our own research: we don't outsource market contacts to someone who does not know your organization: because mutual goodness of fit -- for both the client and the candidate -- from a chemistry and culture perspective is as important as ensuring that both parties bring all the required attributes to the table.
  • We work on an exclusive basis, so that we can truly partner with our clients and ensure they benefit from our broad and deep network of recruiters.

We have a 100% request for repeat business on every fully retained search we've ever conducted for a new client.

  • We turn down many more assignments than we accept, because we only undertake a search if we're confident we have both the expertise and the capacity.
  • If it is not clear whether a search is viable, we may recommend a pre-search -- preliminary market research. By doing a rapid market test, we determine how difficult the search may be based on one or more factors, (e.g. location, compensation, availability of desired talent, etc.) and work with our client to revise the parameters accordingly.
  • Some times, we conclude that we're not the best firm to conduct the search, in which case we refer the search to a firm that is better suited.
  • Virtually all of our searches come about as a direct result of another successful search: our assignments come from existing clients -- who need another search or refer us to a new client.

We were one of the first retained search firms to develop a performance based approach to attracting -- and retaining -- talent.

  • One of the unique aspects of our approach is the time value of money logic underlying our fee structure, incorporating .
  • We recognize that "finding" the right candidate is at most, only half of the effort, we tailor our fees accordingly. Our willingness to share fees with both our search partners and our clients increases the depth and caliber of candidates considered.
  • Our initial engagement fee ranges from the traditional 1/3 of the retainer at our lowest fee percent to a mutually negotiated flat fee. Typically, the greater the initial investment, the shorter the time to complete, due to the ability to dedicate significant resources to fresh research early on in the search.
  • We can incorporate incentives into the fee structure for time sensitive searches.
  • We can link fee payments to mutally agreed milestones: candidate acceptance, candidate interview, candidate offer, offer acceptance and candidate start, etc.